100 Days of Machine Learning Coding Challenge

机器学习编程100天的挑战是由Siraj Raval发起的,现在在推特上已经有很多人接受了挑战.挑战的三个规则是:

  1. Make a public pledge to code or study machine learning for minimum 1 hour every day for the next 100 days via your favorite social platform using the #100DaysofMLCode Hashtag.
  2. Make a public log of your work. Update it daily. Here is a GitHub example template. Another one is here. You can also make a blog or vlog.
  3. If you see someone make a post using the #100DaysofMLCode hashtag, encourage them via a ‘like’, ‘share’, or comment!

大致就是要在接下来的一百天内,每天至少花1小时时间编程或者学习机器学习,并使用#100DaysofMLCode #标签分享出去。还要记录你的学习过程并分享出去,如果看到有人使用#100DaysofMLCode标签,给他们加油点赞。:thumbsup: